Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"New" Bed and Wall Decorations

I'm baaaaack!

I hope to get a number of house projects complete this summer so I figure it's time I get the ole blogspot up and running again. Today's update features one new and one new-to-the-blog items... Both of which are contained in this photo:

New-To-The-Blog is the wall decorations, which I scored from Construction Junction for $10. I sanded, fixed and re-painted them from their original red color, but the mounting hardware on the back made them relatively easy to hang.

New-new is the bed. My buddy Brandon and I built the box you can see there last night... and by that I mean I followed Brandon's lead and tried to keep up :P He works for Kramer's Kustom wood shop right down the street from me in the Southside and we whipped this together in a couple hours. This is just the start though. Next we'll add drawers, a front panel, a headboard and integrated side tables so the drawers can slide under them. All of this will be finished with a to-be-determined exterior like laminate, vaneer, metal... who knows. All I do know is it's gonna be awesome.


pinky said...

that is pretty freaking awesome i did something similar with mine.. i have two long radiator covers about 8 ft long each that are similar to a catholic confessional.. i also put light dimmming lights underneith and i put all of myu nightmare before chrismas toys in there.. it looks kinda GOTH but the one thats in more open area i can swivel out and i put storage in.. i got a couple old kitchen cabinets both of those items i got from const junt.. i love and hate that place.. it kinda looks like the captains bed of a pirate ship..im okay with that keep up the good work !!

Anonymous said...

That's spectacular. Your penis must be large and powerful.